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Dec 2, 2023

If you're looking for a great Christmas read, Jennifer Siennes has a new Christmas novella you won't want to miss. Part of the Bedford County series, Tangles and Tinsel offers a new start for Kimberly and a second chance at love for Jax. Listen in to learn more!

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How One Great New Christmas Novella Made It on My List!

In this episode, we discussed the difference between Jennifer's Apple Hill Series and her Bedford County Series.  

Jennifer also shared her new idea for a new series that I, for one, am eager to read. EEEP!

Tangles and Tinsel by Jennifer Sienes

Why didn't her life get the memo regarding Christmas being about peace on Earth and goodwill to men?

For the first Christmas in years, Kimberley Saint John may actually get that peace on Earth she's been dreaming of. Daddy has been sober for going on two years (a record), and if he stays that way, she might have a chance for a life of her own. Maybe even a family. And between you, her, and the fence post, she'd love it if that family included her childhood friend Jax Jenson and his kids.

Except he's still mourning the loss of his wife.

Jax doesn't understand why no one has snatched up sweet, beautiful, and funny Kim. Then again, the way she carries hurt and betrayal around like battle gear might have something to do with it. And he is not knight-in-shining-armor material. His wife could’ve told her that.

Kim’s dreams are shattered when Mama shows up, after a twenty-year absence, sending Kim into a tailspin of worry for her daddy. Desperate, she turns to the one man who gets her—Jax.

What will it take for Kim and Jax to untangle emotions that keep them from trusting in God's sovereignty and find purpose through the pain?

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