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Nov 30, 2023

Historical fiction author, Karen Baney, recently branched into contemporary with The Air I Breathe and now with her new Vargas Ranch series.  Recently, Falling for a Real Cowboy released, and soon her Falling for a Shy Cowboy will release as well.  Listen in to how she came up with this series and why she branched out into cowboy romance.

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Listening to Karen describe Falling for a Real Cowboy and how she came up with the Vargas Ranch family story, the brand, the family motto--it's all amazing (and available on her website. Just sayin').

This book features a failing romance writer showing up in Arizona to learn about ranch life so she can write cowboy romance and... finding a romance of her own. 

Then we chatted about her upcoming release, Falling for a Shy Cowboy, and the characters in there. A shy cowboy with a speech impediment, a prodigal best friend's sister, and that sister's disabled boy.  

I fully expect to have a battered heart by the time I finish these. Just sayin'.

Falling for a Real Cowboy by Karen Baney

She’s trying to resurrect her career. He’s sworn off women. Will this city-meets-country duo find love where they least expect it?

Dalton J. Vargas the fourth has sworn off love. Women are just a distraction that keep him from running his family’s multi-million-dollar guest ranch near Wickenburg, Arizona. After his father announces an early retirement, the full burden of the ranch rests on his shoulders. When a city-slicker romance author stays at the ranch, Dalton’s perfect world turns to chaos.

River Sloane’s last workplace romance novel flopped—big time. Now her publisher wants her to write a modern-day cowboy romance, which she has resisted for years. When her publisher sends her to a dude ranch in the middle of nowhere Arizona, she must learn about cowboys and ranching to get her career back on track. One hunky cowboy stirs her heart and unexpectedly becomes her muse.

Will she let herself fall in love with the real cowboy or will she return to the life she left behind? Will Dalton open his heart to a new, lasting love?

Find out more about Karen Baney on her WEBSITE and follow her on BookBub and GoodReads.

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