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Nov 23, 2023

Angela Hunt, author of over a hundred fifty books, has two new releases and we got to chat about how What a Wave Must Be came about, the other two books in the "triplets" on social issues of today. Listen in to see how she handles the sensitive topic of suicide with grace and compassion.

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How Angela Hunt Keeps Delivering Great Books to Her Fans

When Jerry Jenkins and Focus on the Family approached Angela Hunt (along with Chris Fabry and Tamera Alexander) about writing a book on difficult social issues, she first decided to write about abortion. That didn't work out so well, so she started over on suicide.

Guys, this book. It starts off with an opening scene that foreshadows every bit of the book without giving any of it away.  It's almost like that opening scene is a metaphor for the story.  This, folks--this is why Angela Hunt is a master author. She delivers riveting reads every time. She's so eclectic, most genres of fiction, nonfiction--she's done "it all."

We also talked about her journey into writing children's fiction and transitioning into Christian fiction.

But even more than What a Wave Must Be, I was excited to learn about her Advent devotional, Star of Wonder.  Angela tells the story of how this book came about--first as a series of posts about things we get wrong about Christmas and then culminating in the kind of devotional only Angela Hunt can write.

You can still get Star of Wonder at at 30% off with free shipping.

Also, don't forget her Facebook Group for Star of Wonder.

What a Wave Must Be by Angela Hunt

From master storyteller Angela Hunt, a powerful story of a family’s journey toward healing and hope after an unimaginable loss.

Seventeen-year-old Maddie is left reeling after the unexpected passing of her beloved father. No one has any idea why he betrayed them all so spectacularly, but that’s exactly what his death feels like: a betrayal. With their world shattered, Maddie’s grieving mother sends her to spend a few months with her grandparents, thinking a change of scenery will do her good.

Susan and Frank, Maddie’s grandparents, are heartbroken over the loss of their son, but they welcome Maddie as an addition to their long-empty nest. Maddie settles in and makes friends at her new school, but she still wrestles with why her father took his own life. Then an unexpected twist throws all their lives into fresh turmoil, testing the very fabric of their faith. How Susan helps her granddaughter find hope, even as they both struggle with grief, makes this touching tale of love and recovery a must-read.

Contains discussion questions, making it ideal for book groups.

To learn more about about Angela Hunt, visit her on her WEBSITE and follow her on GoodReads and BookBub.

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