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Nov 3, 2023

It's always a beautiful day when I get to chat with Tracie Peterson, and with her new book, Knowing You coming out, I was excited to learn more about the story within the story. Listen in to see why the hard topics explored still offer so much hope for today.

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How This Author Explores Racism and Shows Us New Hope!

Racism is such an ugly thing. There's no way to avoid it--not in the past and not today. But when authors like Tracie Peterson look at it through the lens of Scripture as she does in Knowing You, hope is bound to follow. I loved that Tracie took on the topic of the prejudice and bigotry that surrounded Asian culture at the turn of the 20th century here in America. 

Add to that the suspense and intrigue she's been putting in all of her Pictures of the Heart books, and you have what promises to be an excellent read!

Tracie also chatted with us about her upcoming series--both of them!  Cheyenne, here we come!

Knowing You by Tracie Peterson

Could a captivating art exhibit hold the key to truth--and love?

Budding artist May Parker is captivated by the Japanese exhibits at the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition and longs to know more about her mother's heritage--which her mother refuses to speak of because of the heartache she left behind in Japan. Wanting to experience more of the exhibits, May works as a Camera Girl--but her curiosity leads her into danger when a suit of samurai armor becomes the target of an elusive art forger.

After ten years apart, May is reunited with her childhood friend Lee Munro, a police detective assigned to keep a watchful eye on the exposition. Their friendship immediately begins to blossom with hints of something more, but when they become entangled in a dangerous heist involving the samurai armor and their love is threatened, can they overcome the odds against them?

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