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Oct 20, 2023

Chatting with Amanda Cabot is always fun, but I really loved getting to hear more about Against the Wind, the second book in the Secrets of Sweetwater Crossing series. Listen in to learn why I've been waiting for this book!  So excited!

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Why I Think This Prickly Character Will Be My Favorite in the Series

You met her in After the Shadows, but Louisa Vaughn gets her own story in Amanda Cabot's latest release, Against the Wind. Louisa was kind of a snot in the last book (somewhat understandably so, too!), but in this one, we get to see a bit more about who she is, how she ticks, and why she's ticking off people in Sweetwater Crossing. You'll also meet a guy on a mission to win a challenge and discover how the Lord will be working in their lives.

I think I'm so engrossed with Louisa because she has such spirit and determination.  I love it.

Amanda even gave us a tiny peek into her next series. I don't know about you, but I'm excited!

Against the Wind by Amanda Cabot

Doctor-in-training Louisa Vaughn has no intention of remaining in Sweetwater Crossing. She's just there for a few days to help a friend. But she can't abandon the injured man she finds at the side of the road. Until his broken leg heals, she'll serve as the town's doctor and midwife. She may not be fully qualified yet, but surely she's better than nothing.

Josh Porter's plans to win his grandfather's challenge and fulfill his father's final wish to gain full control of the family business hit a roadblock when he breaks his leg. But his enforced stay in Sweetwater Crossing gives him new ideas about the expansion of the company into new territory--ideas Louisa could help turn into reality.

If only the town were more accepting of Louisa's talents! Someone is determined to convince her to abandon her dream of healing others. Can Josh help her uncover the person behind the threats before it's too late? And is there any future for them together when neither of them plans to stay?

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