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Sep 12, 2023

When I discovered I was talking with Rachel Hauck about her latest release, The Best Summer of Our Lives, I knew two things. First, I was going to have a great time getting to understand the woman behind such great books. Additionally, I would definitely be reading this book. What I didn't know (and should have suspected), was that her book (and a song)would become one of my favorites of the year.  Listen in and see why.

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Why Am I So Impressed by The Best Summer of Our Lives?

It could be that the book deals with so many things that we all understand.  It might be that Rachel Hauck has, once again, laid bare the things that we like to pretend aren't a reality in our lives.  Or perhaps it's "only" her masterful storytelling that makes each character not only feel real but feel like someone we've known all of our lives.  Whatever it is, the way Hauck layered this story and then peeled back those layers shows excellent storytelling.

And I'm not just saying that because she sent me a copy. Anyone who knows me knows I say what I think.

So what do I think about the "come to Jesus" moment where "Jesus" is represented as a bell-bottom and oxford shirt wearing dude called The Preacher?  I think it's awkward!  It's uncomfortable.

And it's exactly what this story needs to help us see that Jesus is real. He's personal.  And He's calling for us in individual ways that we both understand and resonate with.

But this is more than a great story.  It's four great stories--or maybe four and a half. ;)  And on top of it, Rachel even wrote and performed a song that goes with it. You can get that anywhere music is sold. I found it HERE and after our chat about music, I thought I'd let you know.  I liked it.

 The Best Summer of Our Lives by Rachel Hauck

Twenty years ago, the summer of '77 was supposed to be the best summer of Summer Wilde's life. She and her best friends, Spring, Autumn, and Snow--the Four Seasons--had big plans.

But those plans never had a chance. After a teenage prank gone awry, the Seasons found themselves on a bus to Tumbleweed, "Nowhere," Oklahoma, to spend eight weeks as camp counselors. All four of them arrived with hidden secrets and buried fears, and the events that unfolded in those two months forever altered their friendships, their lives, and their futures.

Now, thirtysomething, Summer is at a crossroads. When her latest girl band leaves her in a motel outside Tulsa, she is forced to face the shadows of her past. Returning to the place where everything changed, she soon learns Tumbleweed is more than a town she never wanted to see again. It's a place for healing, for reconciling the past with the present, and for finally listening to love's voice.

You can find out more about Rachel on her WEBSITE.  Follow her on GoodReads and BookBub.

And don't forget that you can get 30% off the book with free shipping at