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Sep 2, 2023

Chatting with Morgan Tarpley Smith is always a lot of fun, but chatting with her about Christmas books took it to a whole new level. I'd just gotten home from Scotland when we chatted and she was on her way there!  So we had all kinds of things to talk about, but most important... Christmas in Louisiana! Snow in Louisiana! Listen in to why I am most eager to read about feisty grannies!

Note: this episode was supposed to be today's "official" episode but I accidentally scheduled the wrong one, so we're doing two today and taking Tuesday off. Sorry!

Also, don't forget Morgan's M.L. Tarpley name with the Maylie series.  I think we talked about those (and split-time fiction) HERE.


Why Would Anyone Want to Read Christmas Today? This!!!

I'd forgotten how much fun I had chatting about Louisiana, about these characters, and frankly, yes. About Granny!  I mean, come on.

I don't know who is with me, but guys. Buy the book, hound the publisher, storm the literary citadel and demand Granny's story. PLEASE (I am begging you!)

Morgan chats about how the book idea came about (This is why you spend time at Avid Readers of Christian Fiction, folks!) and about the process the ladies went through in creating this town and these characters. I love that this is an interconnected series of novellas in one book. #BecauseYES!

Don't forget about her A Split in Time Facebook Group, too! You'll want to be in there when she announces a split-time book about Granny, right?

A Louisiana Christmas to Remember by Becky St. Amant, Lenora Worth, and Morgan Tarpley Smith

A Rare Snowfall Leads to a Christmas to Remember

Three heartwarming, interconnected stories of faith, love, and restoration, brought to you by three Louisiana-native authors. Will a rare snowy Louisiana Christmas bring restoration and hope to the hometown and hearts of three women from the town’s founding family?

In A Louisiana Snow by Morgan Tarpley Smith, meet Mattie: A passionate visionary who learns to forgive and finds love in unexpected places…

In Restoring Christmas by Betsy St. Amant, meet Jolene: An artist and prodigal daughter who discovers love exists in the very place she once called home…

In A Christmas Reunion by Lenora Worth, meet Adale: A beautiful widow who finally dares to love again…

And don’t forget Granny, whose feisty spirit, blunt dialogue, and quirky ways play an important and endearing role.

To learn more about each author, visit her website:

Morgan Tarpley Smith

Lenora Worth

Betsy St. Amant

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