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Aug 15, 2023

Author Karen Baney loves Arizona, and it shows in her historical and in her contemporary novels. Today her latest book, a single-mom romance, releases, and whew! What a story it tells! The Air I Breathe tackles a host of problems that are familiar to today's readers in a sensitive and forthright manner. Listen in to see why I was excited at some of the choices Karen made!

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Historical, Contemporary, Cowboy? This Eclectic Author Has Romance on the Mind

Having grown up in Pennsylvania where there are those tall things with green all over them... Trees, I think she called them, Karen Baney actually likes Arizona.  I mean, heat, dry, critters, not many trees (but more than we have here in the Mojave Desert)... did I mention critters???  Yeah. But she likes it there and has done a whole lot of research on Arizona history for her historical novels.

Today's release, however, is a contemporary, single-mom, second-chance romance with a twist. Her character has followed her daughter's father to Arizona after his conversion so he can be a part of their daughter's life. But they aren't getting romantic.

As much as I long to see children in homes with two parents, marrying someone just because a while back you conceived a child together isn't inherently good for that child. Can God make it work?  Certainly. I'd even argue that there's a lot to be said for it--if you're going into it with the idea that you're going to serve the Lord together and trust Him for your marriage.

But that doesn't mean it's automatically a good idea. Certainly not without a lot of prayer. And showing the other side of that coin is what Karen Baney seems to be trying to do.

So, whether you're looking for historical, contemporary, or her upcoming cowboy romance, it seems like Karen Baney is a great place to check out Christian fiction with a different twist.

The Air I Breathe by Karen Baney

One moment of weakness…
…destroyed everything.

She upended her life and must start over. Will she find her footing again in this new town?

He has too much on his plate—no room for romance.

Starting over in a new city triggers Kelly’s panic attacks. When she reaches out for help, Matt rescues her. They are drawn to each other. One night changes everything. Will she repeat the sins of her past? Will his guilt destroy his faith?

Can they both learn to forgive before it’s too late? What will they sacrifice to make things right?

You’ll enjoy this contemporary Christian romance because of the strong friendships and hope for redemption.

Join Matt and Kelly in this second chances, starting over, single mom romance.

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