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Jul 28, 2023

There are so many different sects and subsects of the Amish, and that alone can really open up a world of ideas for Amish Fiction authors like debut author, Elly Gilbert. But even within individual Amish communities, people are so very different. How a person's parents interacted with the family, the freedoms allowed or forbidden, the choices of those closest to you--it can all affect how you perceive your life, what you think God wants from you, and what you do when you discover that He might have a different plan after all!  Elly Gilbert's Under the Blue Skies explores some of these things and more!  Listen in to what light-up shoes have to do with Amish men!

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What Do You Do When You're Offered the Chance at a Dream Come True?

Well, Elly Gilbert tells us! She talks about how she'd decided that her bookish pursuit would be to read as many books as she could and review to help authors. Then God offered a different opportunity, and she had to accept the fact that sometimes we don't know what He has planned for us, even when it seems like we're "too old" to do what we might have wanted.

Psst... that's exactly what her characters discovered!  Makes me wonder if her own journey influenced the writing of theirs!

Part of Sunrise Publishing's and Trisha Goyer's Big Sky Amish series, Under the Blue Sky is set in Trisha's Montana Amish world. With each author approaching the books from a slightly different standpoint, you get both edgier stories and traditional Amish romance in one great series.

Stay tuned, Elly has both another book in this series AND... an idea for a small-town, Southern Rom-Com.  Come on!  I want it all. Does that surprise anyone?  Yeah, didn't think so.

Under the Blue Skies by Elly Gilbert

Finding Home. Finding Faith.

A matchmaker for an instant father. Secrets. And friends who just might find a happy ending if his past doesn't destroy everything.

He just wants a fresh start…

Thomas Smucker moved to West Kootenai to escape his past. But when tragedy happens, he suddenly inherits a five-year-old niece…now what?

She’s always wanted a family...

Scarred by a childhood accident, Lovina Graber believes she’ll be single forever, despite her deep longing for a husband and family. And then she meets Thomas, an instant father, who needs a wife.

Lovina to the rescue...she'll find him the perfect Amish woman. Even if she has to ignore the spark between them…

But her secrets could cost him everything.

Thomas wants a wife...but he can't ignore his feelings for Lovina. But when her secret comes out, he'll have to choose between his niece and the woman he suddenly can't live without.

Instant father. Matchmaker. A found family…and unexpected love. But will her secrets--and his past-- destroy everything?

A heartwarming book three in the Big Sky Amish Collection.

Big Sky Amish Collection
Beyond the Gray Mountains
On the Golden Cliffs
Under the Blue Skies (coming soon)

Big Sky Series by Tricia Goyer
Beside Still Waters
Along the Wooded Paths
Beyond Hope's Valley

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