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Jul 18, 2023

First off, can I just say that I totally missed the ball with what a brilliant title A Vanishing Act is for a story about 1940s Hollywood and a missing actress?  Just sayin'. Totally flubbed it there, but whoa... Edwina Kiernan has transported her writing a hundred years into the future from her Victorian series to join the Ever After Mysteries with a Beauty and the Beast-inspired mystery full of glamor, backstabbing, and love.  Listen in for more about the book, her writing, and her upcoming release this November!

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Is Being a Celebrity Enough to Get You Out of Hot Water?

Well, Edwina's character is about to find out! A Vanishing Act looks at 1940s Hollywood through the eyes of both popular actors and behind-the-scenes folks. 

Edwina talks about studies she'd done about the history of the time, about word choices that didn't work as a UK author writing about America (I still say Bob's your uncle, so... there's that!), and about what she hoped people would take away from her novel.

We also chatted about her next book releasing in November, The Lamp (Victorian Virtues book 2).She promised to come back and tell us more, but the covers of this series... WHOA. They're gorgeous!  So stay tuned for that!

When we ended the interview, Edwina had to go because there was an award ceremony, and her book was a finalist. I'm thrilled to announce that her book The Letter (Victorian Virtues book 1) was the WINNER in the Short Historical category of the FHLCW Reader's Choice Award 2023! Congratulations, Edwina! To learn more about this series, listen to Episode 185.

A Vanishing Act by Edwina Kiernan

On screen they’re a darling duo, but it’s a whole different story backstage.

Hollywood legend Kent Selwood isn’t happy sharing the limelight with rising star Stella Sanders. Tired of her diva drama, Kent makes it clear—he wants Stella gone.

Seamstress Bonnie Roseland is practically invisible to everyone at the studio, except for slick actor, Jerry Jackson — the one man she wishes would leave her alone. Her deep-rooted faith helps her see beyond the glitz and glamor to the broken realities and dysfunctional atmosphere at the studio. She sometimes wonders if God has a purpose for her there or if she should just move on.

When the studio receives blackmail letters, Kent’s attitude makes him the prime suspect, and he’s swiftly banished from the lot, despite insisting that he’s been framed. Only Bonnie believes him — and she’s confident she knows who the real culprit is.

But when a ransom note arrives after Stella goes missing and evidence is discovered that clearly implicates Kent, will Bonnie help him uncover the truth in time to save his career… and Stella’s life?

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