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Jul 14, 2023

When something odd starts happening in the Atlanta sky, it seems to trigger an outbreak of supernatural phenomena... or dare we say, Miracles!  I chatted with John Coleman about his novel and where this idea came from, the research he did, and how different it was from his usual writing. Listen in to see what he had to say!

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Have You Ever Seen a Miracle? This Book Explores That Possibility!

If you've ever been tempted to explain away something that felt miraculous, John Coleman has a book for you! Written as fiction to explore the supernatural and find just what is Biblical, what is reasonable, and how to deal with what we might otherwise try to explain away, this book really seems to have it all.

John talked about his research into the book, including a two-volume set by Craig S. Keener that you can find HERE. While they aren't light reads, perhaps reading Miracles will spark interest in a deeper dive.  As for me, John pointing out that people doubted and downplayed the miracles Jesus performed on earth really hit home. Nothing is new, as a wise old guy once said.

I love that John Coleman made a point of keeping the book free from "Christianese" so to speak and instead, focused on writing a book that stays true to Scriptural teachings without... you guessed it! Preaching!

You can get Miracles on audiobook, Kindle, and in paperback, so there's something for everyone. One thing I really thought was cool was how almost back-to-back we had two authors of supernatural stories. You can check out Wendy Jo Cerna HERE.

Miracles by John Coleman

An ambitious reporter must find the truth about a man who works miracles in this supernatural mystery featuring a female lead.

Jaime Halasz is fighting for a bright future after a tragic past when she's assigned the story of her career: uncover the source of the miracles breaking out all over Atlanta, GA.

As the seemingly supernatural events pile up, she's skeptical. But when she witnesses the miraculous events herself, she's thrust into the center of the story that will make or break everything she's been working for.

What will it take to believe in these miracles and the man behind them? And even if Jaime can trust him, what happens to her story—and his future—when some believers turn their backs?

Miracles asks us to consider what it would look like in a world of smartphone videos and 24/7 media if the unbelievable became undeniable.

You can learn more about John on his WEBSITE.

He can also be found on BookBub and GoodReads.

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