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Jul 11, 2023

Chatting with avid researchers like Tracie Peterson always offers super-cool insights into things you never knew. Like her research for her upcoming release. She talked about the THOUSANDS of plant varieties displayed in the landscaping of the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, and so it was no wonder that she included a botanist among the characters of Finding Us. Listen in to see what other cool things she learned writing the Pictures of the Heart Series.

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I Love a Good Fair, but Finding Us Shares Something Unprecedented!

From roller coasters to children's days to Inuits sweltering in their furs during a heatwave, the Seattle Exposition had it all. And Tracie Peterson's "Camera Girls" are capturing it one photograph at a time.  See how she uses these girls, their Brownie cameras, and the exposition to tell gripping stories you won't want to miss.

And covers. #BecauseGorgeousCovers!

In addition to that, we chatted about faith, about research, and... the latest books she's read.

Reminder: 26 Below by Kimberley Woodhouse and Rembrandt is in the Wind.

Finding Us by Tracie Peterson

One candid photograph will change the lives of four people forever.

While taking photographs at an exposition in Seattle in 1909, Camera Girl Eleanor Bennett snaps an image of a woman in widow's clothes with deep sorrow etched in her expression and a young infant in her arms.

Eleanor longs to study botany at the University of Washington and soon becomes fast friends with botanist Bill Reed, but she can't stop thinking about the widow in the photograph. She is stunned to learn Bill recognizes the woman as the sister-in-law he believed lost in a shipwreck.

As Eleanor and Bill hunt for Amelia Reed to reunite her with her grief-stricken husband, they must stand together to face the danger that follows and learn to trust that God will direct their paths.

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