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Jun 13, 2023

Sovereign Love. The words evoke that rich, deep, faith-filled fiction I love so much, and Joan Embola has a whole series focused on God's sovereignty in all areas of our lives--even love. What more could a romance lover ask for? Rich characterization? Got it. Diverse cultures? Yep. More books to come?  Mmm...hmmm... Listen in and learn why I opened the first book on my Kindle tonight.

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Just What Does God Have to Do With Her Love Life, Anyway?

Look, life is too short and love is too important to get it wrong, right? Yet how often do we dive into it without even considering what the only omniscient Being in history might think about it? Just throwing that out there!

Joan Embola has a series of Christian romances that deals with much more than warm fuzzies and "following your heart" (thank the Lord for that!). Instead, she deals with some pretty deep topics, adds some rich African culture, and weaves it all through the threads of faith. What more could you want from Christian fiction?

I've only read the first chapter, but I'm already hooked, so there's that! 

Joan's books deal with the after-effects of high school bullying, family expectations, floundering faith, and so much more. Even better... get this. Joan (a Brit from London), wrote these books and set them in America and added West African culture in to spice things up for us. How cool is that?

One of the things we talked about was how the darker times are often when we learn to rely on the Lord (or we run from Him) the most. It reminded me of this song here, and I was so excited to find this acapella version.  The words to one line go, "The darker the valley the more I learn to pray." 

There is another line that these guys seem to sing a bit differently from the words I know, but I can't quite understand what they say. The words go, "Thank You for every hill I've climbed--for every time that the sun didn't shine. Thank You for every lonely night I prayed 'til I knew everything was all right."  But I don't quite understand the word they use instead of "climb." Can you tell?

The One Who Sees Me: A Contemporary Christian Workplace Romance by Joan Embola


Heather Osborne’s past consisted of partying, drugs, and thriving on the attention of men… until her cycle of pain and rejection brought her to the feet of Jesus. For four years, she has been struggling to shake off her demons, and when her business fails, she returns home to start a marketing internship. But Heather gets more than she bargained for when she is assigned to work with the handsome son of the CEO.

Emmanuel Madu, the managing director of Madu Health, is not sold on his father’s plan for him to take over the family business. When he is coerced to supervise the new marketing intern, he accepts it for fear of disappointing his father. But when the red-haired, green-eyed intern walks into his life and challenges his cowardice, their budding friendship forces Emmanuel to reassess his values and convictions.

When Heather starts developing feelings for Emmanuel, she finds herself torn between returning to her old habits and fighting to embrace her new life of faith in God. And with time running out for Emmanuel, he must decide whether to continue living in his father’s shadow or break up his family by walking away.

The One Who Sees Me, book three in the Sovereign Love series, is an uplifting standalone novel about forgiveness and learning to take comfort in the sovereign goodness of a loving God who sees all our struggles.

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