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May 17, 2023

When I saw that Bryan Timothy Mitchell had written a book that took inspiration from Dante's Inferno, I knew I'd want to check out Infernal Fall right away. Listen in to see why Bryan decided to write this book!

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What Made This Author Use Hell as Inspiration for His Novel?

Bryan Timothy Mitchell is probably the kind of student every teacher both dreads and delights in. Because at the core of it all, a guy like Bryan who really does grasp the idea and hold onto it for years, despite a lack of interest in much of the information being taught, is what it's about. 

Well, he didn't disappoint, did he? Using Dante's Divine Comedy as inspiration, he sends his character in Infernal Fall through the circles of hell to discover Who he really needs to turn to for escape and purpose. 

And to top it all off, not only do we have this exciting new book, but James L. Rubart narrated it for audio!  Audio listeners, you're in for a treat!

Infernal Fall by Bryan Timothy Mitchell

There is only one way out of Hell.

Daniel Strong is a troubled young man with only one bright spot in his life—his girlfriend, Kristine. He hopes to propose to her on a hike in the mountains, but a mysterious artifact in a dark cavern ruins his plan. Things quickly go downhill—literally—as handling the ‘keystone’ causes Daniel to fall straight into Hell, leaving Kristine behind.

A soul-harvesting demon tells him the only way out is through, that he must go to Satan and bargain for his freedom. But the shadow man responsible for leaving the keystone behind tries to show him there’s another way out. Against his better judgment, Daniel finds himself listening to the demon’s claims that appealing to the Master of the Underworld himself is his only choice.

As the unlikely group traverses the many levels of Hell, hurt, anger, and fear hound Daniel, reminding him how hopeless his efforts truly are. All Daniel can do is push forward in hopes of making it back to Kristine. Will Daniel heed Kristine’s words to choose life? Or will he succumb to the lies pulling him down with every step?

Infernal Fall is a modern twist on the classic tale: Dante’s Inferno. If you're a fan of Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti, you will love Infernal Fall. Grab your copy today and embark on a harrowing tale of light vs darkness and discover if there truly is only one way out of Hell.

You can learn more about Bryan Timothy Mitchell on his website.

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