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May 5, 2023

So a few weeks back, Tracie Peterson and I got on to talk about her upcoming release, and ended up chatting about another upcoming release--The Heart's Choice which is a new series, The Jewels of Kalispell, that she's written with e Woodhouse. If I recall correctly, this is a three-book series!! Listen in to learn what this series is about, what else they've written together, and what Tracie thinks about Kimberley's newest release, 26 Below!


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What's Better Than One Great Author? How about Two Great Authors?

And in a fabulous new series. Seriously, when Tracie talked about The Jewels of Kalispell, I knew I wanted to read them all. Like right now. EEEP! 

Tracie talked about previous collaborations (single titles and series) and both women's love for Montana. Especially Tracie's love for Montana with Kimberley in it! ;)

You can learn more about The Jewels of Kalispell on Kimberley Woodhouse's WEBSITE.

The Heart's Choice (The Jewels of Kalispell Book 1)

They must uncover the truth before it's buried forever.

After witnessing a wrongful conviction as a young girl, Rebecca Whitman--the first female court reporter in Montana--is now determined to defend the innocent. During a murder trial, something doesn't sit well with her about the case, but no one except the handsome new Carnegie librarian will listen to her.

Librarian Mark Andrews's father sent him to college hoping he would take over the business side of the family ranch, but Mark would rather wrangle books than cows. When a patron seeks help with research in hopes of proving a man's innocence, Mark is immediately drawn to her and her cause.

In a race against time, will Rebecca and Mark find the evidence they need--and open their hearts to love--before it's too late?

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