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Feb 10, 2023

Fantasy has all kinds of subgenres, but portal fantasy is definitely my favorite. I love that moment someone steps from one world to another and we discover it all along with the character. Maybe it's because my first introduction to fantasy was The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. So when I had the chance to interview a new-to-me author, Daniella Rushton, about her Panther Tales series, and discovered it was a portal fantasy, well... DUH!  Totally excited. Listen in to learn her inspiration for the series, what it's about, and a whole lot more.

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Why Am I Eager to Get Started on This Exciting Fantasy Series?

What do you do when you have a giant shelf that is empty? You go to Goodwill, buy a stuffed panther, and get inspired to write a series! Duh!

One of the best things I heard on the entire podcast was when Daniella said that this panther was winged. I mean, come on guys, a winged panther? Series SOLD! Right there. Fork it over. Gimme all the books and get out of my way.  Hee hee.

But on a more serious note, I love the idea that the God of this fantasy world gives people a gift that they are to use and then... that there are those who seek to deny these gifts and the battles that rage.  Whoa...

The parallels with the "real world" are beautiful without being overly on the nose. I also love that bit. I also love that in one book you get a sense of Daniella spinning her Panther Tales in the California deserts and in the next you're in the Midlands of England. Even better, learning that we're going to go back to the beginning of time in the third book... EEEP! Let me get my panther saddle and a parachute and let's go!

Daniella says she's a big researcher which gets in the way of the fun stuff... writing! She loves the creative process, and I'm excited to get to see what happens in this third book

The Panther Tales by Daniella Rushton

The Panther Tales is a series of fantasy books set in the fictional world of ‘The Watchers and the Gifted Ones’ and follows the journey of a young woman called Hannah, as she comes to understand her immense imaginary power. Only if she truly believes in the Gift which she has been granted, can her power occur, coming in the form of light projected from her heart, the bridge to another world.

The series features magical imaginary characters such as Nancy the lamp, Queen Nail and many more who are all somehow intrinsically linked in time throughout the series. They accompany Hannah on her journey as she battles the dark world of The Watchers including the terrifying Great Gifted Nickolous and his protégé Victor, the leader of the Spectacle council.

The series is narrated by The Great Star of the Cosmos, granter of Gifts, who throughout, guides Hannah on her journey, often accompanied by Parky the Panther, a winged panther with wisdom unlike any other, introduced to Hannah by Magic Mini, her grandmother.

A sprinkling of magic combined with the power of belief in storytelling makes The Panther Tales a modern-day classic. A brand-new fantasy world full of fascination, encompassing love, intrigue, and adventure.

You can learn more about Daniella and The Panther Tales on her WEBSITE.

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