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Jan 27, 2023

Last fall, I talked with several authors about their novella collection (Episode 177) and learned about a new series they'd planned for 2023. Well, of course, I wanted to talk with them about it, and last week I "sat down" (I stand while recording, but you get my drift) with Heather Greer to talk about her book in the Stained Glass Legacy Series, Window of Opportunity.  I've been reading her book and am really enjoying it, so I was excited to talk about this 1920s story of friendship, romance, corruption, and more!  Listen in to find out what to expect from Heather Greer's first historical romance!

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Why Doing the Right Thing at the Wrong Time Is No Picnic!

Okay, you have to read the book to "get" that title, for the post, but I figured it'd make Heather smile.

Heather and I talked about the differences in writing contemporary versus historical fiction--including all the work that goes into research!  Did they have this thing or that then? Are we assuming too advanced or not advanced enough?  Did people actually use this word or that? It's a complicated process, and it slows down the writing when you have to figure out if a train even went through that area and if so, which direction did it go?!  Not that this has ever happened to me!

But first, Heather told the story of how she met the other authors in this series at a writer's retreat, and the idea for this entire four-book series (all releasing THIS YEAR) sparked conversations until they couldn't not write it.  With each book being written in a different era (1920s, 1970s, contemporary, and future dystopian) AND with not only this stained-glass window but also the family of the young men we'll meet in Heather's book, Window of Opportunity.

Stay tuned for more interviews with other Stained-Glass Legacy authors. I hope to chat with all of them!

Window of Opportunity by Heather Greer

Faith and duty drive Evangeline Moore to protect her father’s pristine image as a judge in Harrisburg, Illinois. Her resolve’s biggest test? Dot, her childhood friend. With Evangeline beside her, Dot’s desire for the Roaring Twenties’ glitz and glamor leads the pair into questionable situations.

Born into a Chicago mob family, Brendan Dunne understands duty, but faith puts him at odds with his father’s demands. Even when his brother James’s propensity for trouble lands them in Harrisburg, the truth is undeniable. To their father, the lines he won’t cross mean Brendan will never measure up.

When circumstances push Brendan and Evangeline together, unexpected events create opportunities to break free of family expectations. Will they be brave enough to forge their own path before the window closes on their chance to change?

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