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Dec 13, 2022

A chat with Suzanne Woods Fisher is always a delight, but I especially loved talking to her about her latest release, Anything but Plain, and what prompted her desire to write about a young Amish woman with ADHD. This episode blessed my socks off, and I can't wait for you to learn why. Listen in to learn more.

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How Do People React When They Feel Like No One Understands Them?

Here's the deal. It's hard to be different. It just is. But when being "the same" as everyone else and doing things the way "everyone does them" is part of how you live out your faith, it's no wonder that ADHD Lydie Stoltzfus is ready to walk away from a faith she loves!

Seriously, the coping mechanisms that Suzanne Woods Fisher offers in this book are excellent, and this book offers such great encouragement to anyone who has ADD/ ADHD. We even talked about how technology is giving people similar symptoms to ADD/ ADHD.

Anything but Plain is a brilliant, delightful book that you won't want to miss! HERE's my review!

Anything but Plain by Suzanne Woods Fisher

It’s not easy being the bishop’s daughter, especially for Lydie Stoltzfus. She’s not like other Amish girls, as much as she wishes she were. The only thing she does well is disappoint others. Leaving her family and church seems unbearable, but staying might be worse.

Knowing Lydie is “between” jobs, the local doctor asks her to fill in at the front desk for a few months. To Lydie, this is a boon. It gives her time to figure out how she’s going to say goodbye to her neighbor, Nathan Yoder–the main reason she needs to leave Stoney Ridge. Nathan claims he’s in love with her, but she knows she’s not good enough for him. If in doubt, Nathan’s father reminds her frequently.

As Dok spends time with Lydie, she recognizes symptoms of an uncommon disorder among the Amish. She offers treatment for Lydie. But will it be enough to make her stay? Or has help come too late?

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