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Dec 6, 2022

My favorite book of 2020 was from a previously unknown to me author, Terrie Todd. That book? Bleak Landing. Since listening to the audiobook for that one, I went on to read several others by her including one of this year's favorites, Rose Among Thornes. And now, surprise, surprise, another of her books is going to end up on this year's favorites list as well--Lilly's Promise. Stay tuned to find out why!

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Like It or Not, Yesterday Still Has a Significant Impact on Today

The way the Lord's timing works astounds me. In the year of all the Roe v. Wade controversy, here comes a book full of compassion, truth, and the reality of difficult choices. This split-time novel rocketed to my ever-expanding top five last week. I was supposed to read five chapters a day. I read it in about 36 hours with two sleep times in there. Just sayin'. 

And wow... what a book. I didn't want it to end.  You can find my review HERE.

Terrie Todd and I chatted about her other books, about reading, writing, and fiction set in Canada. Her commitment to faithful Christian fiction and not shying away from the hard stuff is probably what makes her one of my top favorite historical authors. You'll see why in this interview.

Lilly's Promise by Terrie Todd

Orphaned and adopted as a toddler in 1922, Lilly Sampson pursues a nursing career in hopes that it will redeem the shameful crime of arson she committed as a child. When her self-sabotaging choices only build the ash heap higher, will she find the love she desperately seeks?

In 2019, while unraveling a mysterious link in her ancestry, thirty-six-year-old Diana DeWitt is at a crossroads as she tries to help a teenager in crisis. Will the truth she uncovers about her grandmother, Lilly, inspire her to let go of her fear and rise to the occasion?

You can learn more about Terrie Todd and her books on her WEBSITE.

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