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Nov 22, 2022

One thing I love about Lila Diller's writing is how strong faith elements are at the core of every book. So, when I saw she wrote a Christmas novel, well... YEAH!  Her A Christmas Repair is out, and I've already started it. So far, I like these characters. Okay, I'm not super fond of Jessica, but I have a feeling that she's either going to grow on me somehow, OR I'm not supposed to.

Still... I kind of hope Chris loses that bet. I think he'd be cute in a pink apron. Want to learn more about him and Britt? Listen in to learn how Lila got the idea for the book and why I think she should get her friend should repeat what happened this year so we get another Christmas book out of her next year!

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Nothing Says Merry Christmas Like Love, a Dare & a Pink Apron

Author of the "Love Is" Series, Lila Diller isn't afraid to tackle hard stuff in fiction, but in this sweet Christmas Romance, while the faith is strong, the whole story is just a little more lighthearted. I wondered what made her decide to go the Christmas route, and hearing the story behind this story cracked me up. I LOVE it, and I really think that her friend should hold a contest next... oh... March? Ask her followers to give Lila another picture to inspire another Christmas faith-filled romance.

Her characters have grabbed me already. I think this is going to be a lot of fun. For those who want to follow my reading journey on it, I've got it on my GoodReads shelf and will be updating as I eke a chapter or two here and there (gotta get that  last book of the year DONE!).

When I asked Lila to share about her first series, I had an ulterior motive. Thinking about both, I wanted to know which kind of book she thought she'd want to write next, and it seems like while she doesn't know for sure, she really did enjoy writing something more lighthearted.

YAY! Maybe more Christmas books on the horizon!

If you missed the episode about her first series, you can listen in to that HERE.

A Christmas Repair by Lila Diller

Do you need to take a break during this busy holiday season? Do you want a quick read that will allow your mind to rest and recharge? Do you want an entertaining story that also inspires you in your faith and gives you examples of how to live it out?

A Christmas Repair is a Christian feel-good story in a coffee shop at Christmastime. Think Hallmark Christmas movies but with faith. Britt, a techy and closed-off girl, and Chris, a spiritually sensitive yet working-class guy, work through misunderstandings about each other and themselves to find love.

Along with the complexities of diversity, family, friends, and work relationships, this story is about a Latino guy and a misunderstood girl growing closer to God and each other on an adventure that neither expected.

Come along for the sweet, romantic, faith-filled ride!

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