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Nov 15, 2022

A few months ago, one of my readers emailed me about a friend who had a book coming out soon and that led to learning all about Elizabeth Marie and her new series, the "Love Series," beginning with Love Under Investigation. Listen in and see what prompted an ex-atheist to take up writing romance!

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Who Doesn't Love an "Enemies to Love" Romance with Salvation Mixed In?

Elizabeth Marie's debut novel, Love Under  Investigation promises to be a great story. With an unsaved, rebel heroine and a guy who just wants to lead her to Christ, this story leads us on a merry ride as the characters try to prove that murder is afoot.

We also chatted about her first book, The Terrible and Great Year of Molly Evans (written under Karen Heslop and wow! Gorgeous cover!). This is a redemptive novel that fictionalizes Karen's own faith journey and deals with some really hard topics (including rape). Still, even with my own personal struggles reading those topics, I'm going to give it a go because I love her writing style and think this book has a lot to offer. Elizabeth Marie assures us that we can just skip over a page or so to get past tougher situations.

But I really loved what she had to say about why she chose to write Christian romance--deal with serious topics, sure, but in the end, have an uplifting, positive experience as a reader. I get that.  I totally get that. Stay tuned for her multiple spin-offs and her upcoming "reluctant billionaire" 

Love Under Investigation by Elizabeth Marie

Sara Ward is running from her past but ends up working with the last person she wanted to see, Ezekiel Cane. He's a cruel reminder of the past she ran away from to New York and a mockery of how little she has accomplished.

Ezekiel Cane has published numerous successful articles as an independent investigative journalist and isn't ashamed to credit God with leading him to the right sources for each investigation. This time, however, he can't help but question God's sense of humor when the only person who can truly help him is the person who hates him the most: Sara Ward. Yet even when faced with her scathing hatred, he wonders if he can get through to her and lead her to Christ.

If a complicated history between the two wasn't enough, the task ahead will be no easy feat.

How can they prove that one of the largest corporations in the country is hiding its own CEO's murder? You won't want to miss this edge-of-your-seat ride.

You can learn more about Elizabeth Marie and her books by visiting her WEBSITE.

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