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Jul 5, 2022

Once again, I got to chat with the lovely Susan K. Beatty about her latest release, The Fragrance of Violets. It's a powerful book about forgiveness--both from the forgiver's side and from the side of one who doesn't see that anything needs to be forgiven! Listen in as we unpack where Susy came up with the idea and what she learned as she wrote it. You can listen to her first interview HERE.

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You'll Find the Power of Forgiveness in the Pages of This Book

Talking with Susan K. Beatty is always a lot of fun. Her passion for the Lord and sharing it through story comes through every time, and this was no exception. Our conversation gave a very real glimpse into what it's like to be with authors as they get ideas from one thing and turn them into another. Susan said she got the idea for The Fragrance of Violets from seeing a situation handled all wrong and wondering what would have happened had it been approached in a Biblical manner. As usually happens with these things, by the time the story was done, there was no resemblance to the original story.

Welcome to the life of an author.

But after the lessons she learned while writing The Fragrance of Violets, she began telling us about her upcoming books--the novella in the Christmas collection, Keeping Christmas which are all Christmas stories that take place in castles (fantasy/historical/contemporary), she also told us about her next book. Relinquished. Guys. This book. I've not read a word and it's my new favorite book by her.  How stunningly amazing is this story idea?!

The Fragrance of Violets by Susan K. Beatty

Life crushes us with its weight sometimes.

Fiona’s father abandoned her when she was twelve. So when she learns that he’s the groom’s father in the wedding she’s been assigned to manage, all the old hurts resurface. Maybe if he’d just explain himself and ask forgiveness, she’d get over the pain he left her with—pain she obviously hadn’t left behind after all.

When Nason discovered he wasn’t Fiona’s biological father, and when her mother tried to sabotage his marriage, he felt like he had no other option but to leave and never look back. Running into her again—awkward to say the least. And he can’t understand why she feels betrayed—why she expects him to seek forgiveness.

As if life weren’t complicated enough, Fiona meets Trevor, which sparks a possible romance. New faith, an overdose, and revelations combine with Trevor’s discipleship and shows her how forgiveness really works.

What will it take for Nason to swallow his pride and see how his actions hurt an innocent child?

The Fragrance of Violets—as Mark Twain once said, “Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.”

You can learn more about Susy, her books, and upcoming releases on her WEBSITE.

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