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Apr 26, 2022

Join me with a conversation about The Chosen Kids by RM Ruiz about middle-grade fiction and especially, her Christian middle-grade adventure series for kids. Supernatural tools, a mission from God, and more fill these books about a bunch of cousins fighting evil forces.

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Join the Chosen Kids on an Exciting Adventure in California

RM Ruiz took me on a wild ride with her The Chosen Kids idea. While I wasn't sure what to expect from the books before I talked to Rosemary, by the time she explained things, I had a feeling of this series being symbolic of what God actually has already done.  We've been given a mission (in the Bible) to fight the forces of evil (Satan and his minions), and supernatural objects (the Holy Spirit) to ensure we can succeed.  It's a wonderful parallel that will engage kids' imaginations.

Okay, so I also loved that the primary character is a bookworm.  Just sayin'.

However, I'm almost as excited about RM Ruiz' website as I am about this series idea. Seriously, guys!  This website is AMAZING.  Illustrated pictures of the kids you can click on to get more information about them, parental info, just who Jesus is... so much to peruse.  The site reminds me (in the way that it keeps you interested in sticking around) of JK Rowling's website. It looks nothing like it, and has totally different content. But both sites were designed to make a person want to see what else there is, and that's pretty cool!

The Chosen Kids by R.M. Ruiz

What if you were just an ordinary kid one minute and tasked by God with saving His world the next?

On the sunny coast of California, 11-year-old booklover Caiden, his siblings, and his cousins set off to The Dunes with their favorite aunt after months of lockdown.
Caiden decides to leave his book at home for the trip and explore the beach, for once.
Their fun-filled day is interrupted when a supernatural encounter sends the group on a secret mission that shows them just how important each one of them is.
But Caiden wanted a fun adventure, not a dangerous quest! He’d like to put it off for ten years—or at least a week.
With special tools and new identities, the family of believers race to stop a devious foe. But will a reluctant Caiden find his courage and rely on his faith in time? Will the chosen kids listen to the Holy Spirit and let Him guide them to victory before the enemy causes an untimely apocalypse?

Debut author R.M. Ruiz gives us an easy-to-read, fun story of faith with relatable characters who must choose obedience over fear. Each of them is appointed a certain role and receives a blessed object to use as a tool on their mission. In one day, the chosen kids must remember to listen to the Holy Spirit and rely on their faith if they are to succeed. Filled with the gospel message, but not preachy, The Chosen Kids: Encounter at the Dunes reminds us that God uses even the most unlikely of heroes for His glory.
Set in the present day, but with a nostalgic feel, this fast-paced adventure is sure to inspire Christian readers ages 9 through 12 (and up!). This unique tale has an open Christian theme which includes supernatural objects powered by God, the strength of Jesus, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, with prayer, scripture, family love, cousin banter, a smidge of sarcasm, and humor throughout to keep it light. The adventure continues in Encounter at Paradise coming spring of 2023.

You can find out more on that awesome WEBSITE I mentioned.

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