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Mar 22, 2022

Apologies for no Friday podcast. No internet=no uploads.  Sigh.

Debut novelist (although not debut author!), Janrye Tromp took a little time (nearly an hour, and I cut a good fifteen minutes of this off!) with me chatting about her new release, Shadows in the Mind's Eye, coming April 19th!

I've been drumming my fingers since January and can prove it with my Instagram reel!

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Is Something Sinister in the Hills or Is He the Real Danger?

When I first heard of Janyre Tromp's Shadows in the Mind's Eye, I knew I had to get it. I actually went to the Baker Book House site to buy the thing and then managed not to. Don't ask how or why.  It was probably while I was horribly sick and was on the computer about an hour over the space of a month.

Then in January, we did the fun reel thing. That's when I was SURE I ordered it (and I'll crack up if two copies arrive next month!).

All on the strength of a fabulous cover and a great synopsis.  So, you'll understand why I was so excited to talk to her about this book that takes place not too far from my old stomping grounds!  Just chatting with Janyre taught me quite a few cool things about the area.  Like the mob!  Did you know Hot Springs, Arkansas was a mob destination?  I sure didn't. I knew gambling, but mafia?  Whoa...

From there we chatted about cool WWII things, Vietnam War things, editing, publishing, all the things.  Seriously, I think we could have kept going for a couple more hours, but that really didn't make sense.

So, while this episode is a little longer, I really did cut a lot out already!  Maybe listen in two installments?  I should apologize, but I'm not going to, because Janyre Tromp is a lot of fun to talk with and listen to, and you don't really want to miss any of it!

Shadows in the Mind's Eye by Janyre Tromp

"Tromp weaves a complex historical tale incorporating love, suspense, hurt, and healing--all the elements that keep the pages turning."
--Julie Cantrell, New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of Perennials

Charlotte Anne Mattas longs to turn back the clock. Before her husband, Sam, went to serve his country in the war, he was the man everyone could rely on--responsible, intelligent, and loving. But the person who's come back to their family farm is very different from the protector Annie remembers. Sam's experience in the Pacific theater has left him broken in ways no one can understand--but that everyone is learning to fear.

Tongues start wagging after Sam nearly kills his own brother. Now when he claims to have seen men on the mountain when no one else has seen them, Annie isn't the only one questioning his sanity and her safety. If there were criminals haunting the hills, there should be evidence beyond his claims. Is he really seeing what he says, or is his war-tortured mind conjuring ghosts?

Annie desperately wants to believe her husband. But between his irrational choices and his nightmares leaking into the daytime, she's terrified he's going mad. Can she trust God to heal Sam's mental wounds--or will sticking by him mean keeping her marriage at the cost of her own life?

Debut novelist Janyre Tromp delivers a deliciously eerie, Hitchcockian story filled with love and suspense. Readers of psychological thrillers and historical fiction by Jaime Jo Wright and Sarah Sundin will add Tromp to their favorite authors list.

Visit Janyre Tromp on her WEBSITE (and get your free novella while you're there!). Don't forget how much she loves Instagram, too!

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