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Mar 4, 2022

Debut author, Kate Angelo is bursting onto the Christian Romantic Suspense scene writing in Lynette Eason's Elite Guardians series with Sunrise Publishing! This episode was a hoot to record. Not only do you get a wonderful picture of what to expect from Kate's novel, but you also get to see how another author describes working with Sunrise Publishing. Authors and readers alike will be fascinated to learn how the process progresses and how much each author learns working with such well-respected authors... and each other!

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What Exciting Things Happen When a Sniper Has to Guard a... Dog?

Apparently, lots!  Especially when you combine a handler in a wheelchair, a rogue scientist, and... yeah. Stuffness. I don't know about you, but I'm intrigued by the book itself. Adding that it is part of Sunrise Publishing's latest series with author coach, Lynette Eason... well that just makes it that much better! EEEP!

In addition to talking all about her upcoming release on March 22 (I have my preorder in already! EEEP!), Kate explains the process she and others (you can, too!) go through in order to become a Sunrise author working with well-established and talented authors in Christian publishing!  Seriously, guys. If you have always wanted to write and think you have something to offer, why wouldn't you take the chance at a mentorship like this?  EEEP! Kate even mentions help from other lead authors in the series like Lisa Phillips!

Finally, Kate tells us which of Lynette's books might be fun to read before reading hers. While hers does stand alone, it'll be a richer reading experience if you check out the books recommended in this episode. (Yes, I made sure I had those, too. How'd you guess?)

Driving Force by Kate Angelo

He's the last client she wants to protect.

Elite Guardians bodyguard/former sniper CHRISTINA SHERMAN has protected uncooperative clients before—but this time, well her client is bossy, headstrong and occasionally eats off the floor. Yes, he’s a highly trained military working dog, but certainly her skills could be put to better use, right?

Not according to former Special Forces Air Commando GREY PARKER. He needs her help to protect his dog while he undergoes an experimental surgery that could restore his ability to walk. He just needs someone to keep his canine partner safe. Most of all, Grey wants back on his feet so he can track down a deranged scientist known as The Scavenger who unleashed a nerve agent that left Grey sidelined in a wheelchair.

When an attempt is made on Grey’s life, and dead bodies begin piling up—with evidence the same toxin is responsible—suddenly Christina is tasked with keeping both dog and soldier alive…and with them, the secrets that could stop a terrorist attack.

But this time, even Christina might be in over her head.

Dive into the exciting ignition to the Elite Guardians Collection.

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Elite Guardians series by Lynette Eason
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