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Feb 11, 2022

Author of the amazing Queen of the Rockies series, Angela Breidenbach brings her expertise as a genealogist to the research of her Rocky Mountain historical series about actual amazing women and events that shaped both the state's history and... spoiler here... even the climate and flora of the area!

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This Author Just Became a New Favorite in One Short-ish Interview!

Look, I have a blast meeting new authors and learning all about their books.  Not only that, I'm predisposed to love a book when I begin it.  I'm always disappointed when that expectation isn't met, and I can usually guess when it won't be.  Now and then, though, I'm totally wrong on that score.

I also have occasional blips in being certain I'll love a book and later discover I didn't. However, that's one of the best things about this podcast.  I get to chat with these authors and learn what excites them, what they choose to add to their stories.  What they don't. The result is a TBR pile that doubles every year, despite the hundreds of books I DO read.  EEP!

Chatting with Angela Breidenbach was one of those times when I almost went and bought the entire series, in paperback, while we talked--because I knew I'd love them. I changed my mind, however, and decided I should read the first book and see if Mom will like it before I do that.  See, if she won't, I can buy the Kindle versions and take them on my next trip.  Since Angela says they're short books, I have no doubt I can read them all en route and home again from... wherever I'm going next.  I don't actually know!

I think research is the big draw for me.

Angela Breidenbach, being a genealogist, knows how to dig and do research.  As she told the stories she'd found and what they meant to creating these novels, I knew we'd found a goldmine.  Enjoy synchronized swimming?  Got it.  Love books about the Chicago World's Fair?  Yep... got that, too.  What about a harpist?  A world-changing fire?  Railroad rivals?  Needle showers?

Not only does she have them all, she knows how to tell a story to make you eager to see what she's done with them.  I can't wait to hear what folks think of her books!

Flame of the  Rockies by Angela Breidenbach

Can she release her prejudice to love again?

August 1910, Idaho-Montana Border

The fiery pain at her new husband's murder might equal the disaster blazing across the Pacific Northwest. Stranded in the treacherous railroad camp, baking bread for survival, Juliana Hayes has no desire to marry a railroad ruffian like Lukas Filips, or anyone else.

Can she release her prejudice to love again? Or will either one of them survive The Big Blowup to find out?

Based on true history when three million acres burned out of control on the border of Montana and Idaho darkening the skies all the way to the East Coast.

It’s a wonder anyone survived!

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention she's written a book with Valerie Comer (as well as several other books and as part of collections)!

Learn more about Angela, her cat (and his bag of bribery-induced tricks) and more on her WEBSITE.

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