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Oct 15, 2021

You know that when a reader who is "meh" or even "NO THANK YOU" about Biblical fiction has an author who is an "instabuy," there might be something to this gal's writing!

Naomi Craig has written a fascinating and hard-hitting (or maybe it's just me and my issues) novel about faith, hope, and putting our trust in the Lord instead of our works.

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How an Enemy Prostitute Changed the Course of History (sorta)

I say "sorta" because while Rahab's assistance allowed the spies to get out of Jericho and set in motion the chain of events that led to her being a great, great x however many grandmother of Jesus, we all know that ultimately, God set this in motion. So yes... and no.

I don't even think Naomi Craig and I talked about it, but when I was editing the episode and reconsidering so much of what is in this book, I realized that there are so many contemporary Christian parallels in this story.  How often do Christians kind of wince when the new convert comes in not looking "churchy" enough?  Maybe they're the only person in town with lots of tattoos instead of the "tasteful one" that some might forgive... maybe.  Perhaps it's the addiction to some substance or another... the terrible parenting.  The words that fly out of their mouths before they realize they'd even thought it (habits, folks. They're a thing.)  Yeah.  That last one hurt me.


The fact is, this book steeped in Biblical history, tradition, and culture spoke to me about contemporary issues just as much if not more than the Biblical ones.  In the end, I was left wondering why we think our lives are so very different.  We may have gas stoves and indoor plumbing. We may not have to worry about Philistines attacking, or don't we?  Maybe our Philistines are on social media, doing their best to divide the church and conquer.  It's a thought.

In this episode you'll find:

  • Why Naomi Craig chose to focus on Biblical fiction
  • Which book/Biblical person was her first
  • What is coming next
  • And if she's in the pro or against camp on capes. (Personally, I'm with Edna Mode).

Rahab's Courage by Naomi Craig

A scarlet cord tethers one ruined woman to the salvation of mankind.

Harboring two fugitives in a city slated for destruction, Rahab has one small chance of escape. In exchange for their safety, she bargains for her own. Their agreement rewards her courage, and she flees Jericho and a life of prostitution for a new life among the people of Israel. Never again will she have to depend on anyone—especially men.

Except Salmah won’t take the hint.

High ranking soldier and leader of the tribe of Judah, Salmah is determined not to repeat his parents’ mistakes. He will keep the Lord’s commandments. Rahab’s growing faith fits right in with phase one of his plans: find a wife who loves the Lord and settle down in the new land.

Rahab finds shelter and meaning in the Lord’s ways until her past comes back to haunt her. As her new faith is put to test, she finds herself alone. Isn’t that what she’d always wanted?

With her courage waning, only the Lord can turn Rahab’s life around again, but will He do it before she loses everyone and everything that really matters to her—to her heart?

You can find out more about Naomi Craig on her WEBSITE.

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