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Jun 21, 2024

Chatting with Kay DiBianca is always a delight, and this award-winning author also has my all-time favorite opening scene of a book. Totally because of the characters. And now she's written a novel including a pilot! Listen in to learn more about her and Lacey's Star.

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Kay and her husband just won awards for their respective stories, and when you listen to the episode, you can see why. This time a pilot is put in some seriously scary situations while Kay works through a mystery with her reader. EEEP!  

The faith element is found as the result of a chance meeting with a minister. The Vietnam war vet finds a note in his little sister's Bible that kicks off the whole investigation. 

She then gives us quite a few book ideas for our (or is it just my?) ever-growing TBR.

Lacey's Star by Kay DiBianca

Get in, sit down, buckle up, and hang on!

Private pilot Cassie Deakin lands in the middle of an unwanted adventure when she discovers her beloved Uncle Charlie has been attacked and seriously injured by thieves.

 But Cassie has a problem. She doesn't know who she can trust. Still, she's determined to solve the mystery behind the assault on her uncle, so she reluctantly agrees to team up with Deputy Frank White, a man she definitely does not trust, to find the culprits.

But as Cassie and Frank peel back the layers of one mystery, they uncover a deeper and more sinister crime: the murder of an eight-year-old girl decades earlier. Armed with only a single, cryptic clue to the death of young Lacey Alderson, Cassie makes a crucial discovery that lands her in the crosshairs of a murderer.

Learn more about Kay on her  WEBSITE and follow her  on GoodReads and BookBub.

Also, Chautona asks, and Denise answers! The name of the musical adaptation of The Odyssey is EPIC: The Musical by Jorge Rivera-Herrans. He's released five sagas so far and plans to release at least one more this year. You can find them on most music-streaming platforms! Please note: This is a secular musical, so there are a few uses of mild profanity.

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