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Jun 7, 2024

Don't know about you, but I love it when an author gets the whole "loathe to love" thing right, and it sure sounds like this new-to-me author nails it. Listen in to see why I am excited to read Jenny Erlingsson's Her Part to Play.

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 Jenny and I had a great time chatting about her debut novel (but check out her Christian nonfiction!) Her Part to Play. 

I loved learning about her personal family history, the cool place she lives (seriously... it's a COOL place. bring a coat), and about Christian fiction in general. I loved hearing (in particular) how she blends Nigerian and Southern Black culture. How cool is that?

Oh, and here's that link I promised on Christians reading fiction. 

 John Piper on Fiction:

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 Her Part to Play by Jenny Erlingsson

  Desperate for extra income after her mother's passing, Adanne accepts a last-minute job as a makeup artist for a movie filming in her small Alabama hometown. She's working to save her parents' legacy and help her brother, but the money hardly seems worth having to face the actor who got her fired from her last job in Hollywood.
John Pope has made his share of mistakes over the years. But after turning his life over to God and enduring a messy breakup, he's ready to start rebuilding his career. Imagine his surprise when the woman called in to cover for his usual makeup artist is a quiet but feisty newcomer on the set--and definitely not a fan.
Sparks of tension--and could that be attraction?--fly between them, but Adanne hates the spotlight, and John's scheming manager has bigger plans for him than to end up with the humble makeup girl from the small-town South. Can these star-crossed lovers find their way to happiness? Or will the bright lights of Hollywood blind their eyes to what's right in front of them?

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