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Feb 6, 2024

Whenever I get to talk to Jennifer Deibel, I enjoy not only a great conversation, but I always learn something, and chatting about The Irish Matchmaker was no exception. Listen in to hear about the fascinating festival that prompted the story and the one we concocted as we chatted.  Not only that, but we got a peek at her next novel and another book you won't want to miss next year. EEP!

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If You're Looking for a Great Valentine Romance, Here You Go!

When I learned about The Irish Matchmaker last year, I knew it was the book for me. Yes, I've loved all of the books by Jennifer that I've read, but come on!  A matchmaking festival that still goes on today?  EEEP! Not only that, but a farmer with a motherless little girl?  Sign me up and take my money!  :D

But in addition to learning about the matchmaker who inspired the story (Willie Daly) and the BOOK of matches he carries around, we also learned that next up we're going back to Donegal and... tweeds! I'm so excited.

However, even more exciting than The Last Matchmaker and "the next tweed weaver" (Sorry, couldn't resist), is her upcoming devotional based on Irish Blessings. EEEP!  I am SOOOOOOOO excited!

The Irish Matchmaker by Jennifer Deibel

As daughter of a well-known matchmaker, Catríona Daly is no stranger to the business of love--and sees it as her ticket away from the sleepy village that only comes alive during the annual matchmaking festival. Enter Lord Osborne's son, Andrew, who has returned to the festival after being disappointed by a rival matchmaker's failed setup. Catríona seizes the opportunity to make a better match for the handsome man--and for herself!

Cattle farmer Donal Bunratty is in desperate need of a wife after loss left him to handle the farm and raise his daughter on his own. Shy and lacking the finer social graces, he agrees to attend the matchmaking festival to appease his daughter. But when he arrives, it's not any of the other merrymakers that catch his eye but rather his matchmaker--who clearly has eyes for someone else.

Catríona will have to put all her expertise to work to make a match that could change her life forever. Will her plan succeed? Or will love have its own way?

Don't forget that you can get The Irish Matchmaker from at 40% off through February 12, 2024.  Learn more about Jennifer on her WEBSITE and follow her on BookBub and GoodReads.

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