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May 31, 2024

When I first saw the cover for When Plans Go Awry, I was probably more excited about that book than I've been about almost any book I've ever seen shared. Listen in to how a math whiz who wasn't much of an English "gal" ended up writing historical fiction. 

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The one-room schoolhouse appeals to many readers--lovers of all things Little House, you know. But there was a lot more to that life than meets the eye.  Colby explores the disparity between what was expected of male vs. female teachers and that's only the tip of a rooster-topped iceberg.

From the first inspiration for the story through all of its iterations, how she won a publishing contest, and finally how she created my favorite character (that rooster), Denise shares it all!

When Plans Go Awry by Denise M. Colby

  Olivia Carmichael escapes her past to become the next schoolmarm in the small ranching community of Washton, California. Her plan? Live a quiet spinster life alone, never to depend on anyone again.

Luke Taylor selected a mail-order bride to help raise his two younger sisters and protect his broken heart. His plans don’t include being responsible for the beautiful new schoolmarm, who threatens his resolve between his need to stay away and his need to ensure her safety.

Along the way, Olivia’s carefully laid-out plans are challenged at every turn, and Luke’s mail-order bride is not what he expected.

With the help of the entire town and its wily rooster, can Luke and Olivia learn to trust again?

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