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Jun 18, 2024

 What if you were one of the unnamed people who Jesus (sometimes through His people) healed?  D. M. Griffin explores the lives of those affected by those healings. Listen in and see what you'll find in these intriguing Biblical fiction novels.

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 Coming out one after the other, The Encounter Series looks at four women and their contact with the power of Jesus to change lives in both a physical and a spiritual way. 

By the time we got done talking, I was sold on the series. Book three comes out tomorrow and book four in just a few months. No long wait!

  The Crooked Daughter by D. M. Griffin

  Choices her father made before she was even born reached a bony finger into her life, clouding her future with hopelessness. Her father’s cold heart had no room for her. He easily cast her aside when the Law permitted it. Defined as an outcast because of a physical infirmity, Priscilla was told death was her destiny. Despite the limited perspective brought about by years of adversity, Priscilla fought to keep hope alive and wait for the Lord's timing.
Aquila lost his father at the most critical time in his life. Battling against grief and bitterness, Aquila uncovers a secret about his father's death that undermines his faith in a religious system that identified him. Driven from his homeland, Aquila becomes someone he no longer recognizes.

Two people whose perspectives are skewed by adversity become divinely intertwined in mysterious ways. As they wait upon the Lord for His timing, would Priscilla and Aquila ever find the truth that would lift their eyes to the hills so they could see the purpose of life, not only between a man and a woman but between God and His creation? A poignant story about how God uses adversity for good in the lives of those who truly love and trust Him.

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